Helping you hire a Salesforce expert who is both qualified for the job and a good fit with your organizational culture.

Supporting your HR team: defining the position and desired qualifications, to hand-picking the perfect candidates and shortlisting all the way through to training your new employee and making sure he or she is ready for the job.

Minimize your risk by assuring you hire the most suitable person for the job

Instead of trial and error, use an expert to hire an expert. Hire with the help of someone who knows exactely what the job entails

Meet a short list of candidates, personally selected and interviewed by an expert

Candidates go through a rigorous selection process, including hand-on challenges designed to test compatibility

Add a resource to your HR team to help you hire, train and mentor your new Salesforce expert

It doesn’t end when you sign an employment contract, but continues until your new hire is completely independent in the new job